Canvas TeePee

Canvas TeePee

$ 85.00

Not only for pets, these mini teepees work wonders to let your [fur]babies get lost in the depths of their imaginations....or sleep cycles. Give them their own little hideaway in your big world. Adults not allowed. 

Each teepee tent is handmade and one of a kind. 

 Our teepee has 4 legs with a wide entrance. Equipped with natural wood vertical and horizontal poles which ensures that the teepee is standing still at all times. The outside is 100% natural, paintable, washable canvas.

Listing includes: 
white canvas pet teepee,
vertical and supportive poles, rope.

36" Option:
Total height: 36 inches

Entrance Width: 30 inches
Wood poles measure: 36 inches

48" Option: 
Total height: 42 inches
Entrance height: 31 Inches
Entrance Width: 41 Inches
Wood poles measure: 48 inches