Valentine's Day Gifts Add-Ons

This week was a fun one!
We did some rearranging around the store
had a tipsy tint brow party - there's a FB live video on our page for your viewing pleasure of Gaby upping her eyebrow game thanks to Austin Skincare Co
& now we're gearing up for the Superbowl so we'll be taking Sunday off. 
But here's some Valentine's day add ons to complete your gift for your love(s): 
Hope your sweetheart has a sense of humor ;)
Ideal for pouring your heart out & a crying session after it's read!
Run a bath, dim the lights, maybe throw in a bath bomb for added effects & light one of these up. Give them or yourself a relaxing evening as the big day is on a Tuesday after all...bummer.  
Simple & Practical. Don't let their most valuable possession (sorry, it's not you) go unprotected. 
Who doesn't want to plan their life in a world of pink? May we suggest adding in mugs and pencils for the writer in your life. 
Eye Revive ($24)
Valentine Shmalentine. Make it a girl's night! Add a snack bar & a facial bar and don't forget the drinks.
Need more ideas? Visit our Valentine's Day Gift Shop or stop by the shop and we'd love to help you out!
What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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