SXSW: The Survival Guide

You can't do SXSW right if you don't have the appropriate gear. Yeah I hear you, you're not going on a nine day mountain hike but you're messing with the Texas sun, a whole lot of humidity & more margaritas than you can handle. Trust me a little prepping goes a long way.
Don't let the cloudy weather fool you! Sun rays are bigger & harsher in Texas! I personally love the Neutrogena sunscreen (it's non-comedogenic, water proof & doesn't leave a white cast!!) I also love the It Cosmetics CC Cream - it gives you build-able coverage & SPF all in one easy step.
Austin's celebrated for our live music, art & food. Of course allergies don't make that list but you should be aware allergies are no joke in Austin. Read up on the allergy forecast to make sure you won't be affected and if you are to carry appropriate medication. 

You'll probably get home way later than planned & barely have enough energy to take your makeup off. If that's the case, Micellar water is the way to go. The point I'm trying to make is washing your hair everyday might not be a priority. Hide second day hair or however long you've managed to go w/o washing it with a cute hat *hint hint*
    No one will even believe you're at SXSW if you don't have the pics to prove it so always carry a back up charger, you're followers will thank you & have serious FOMO! 
    Sorry to burst your bubble but this year it doesn't look like the weather will be cooperating. Carry an umbrella ☔️ or a poncho in case mother nature tries to pull a fast one. 
    Give your boots a break. Whether you're running to the front of the line or dancing in a crowd flats are always the way to go! The festival doesn't stop for achy bleeding toes so save yourself the pain & blisters. Luckily our friends know a thing or two about making great shoes.
    What are your must haves to survive SXSW? Any shows you recommend? Let us know! See you out there!  

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