Statement Accessories for Better outfits

I'm guilty of putting comfort over style 90% of the time. I don't have the will or pain tolerance to wear 4 inch heels every Girls Night Out or wear stomach suffocating tops/dresses. I know a lot of you are total warriors and can trudge on without any pain, but I can't :(. But that doesn't mean you can't pull together a stylish look and not post an #ootd on Instagram all while being comfy. The key is to finish off a look with accessories that complement your outfit and elevate your outfit from "alright" to "wow". Pieces from our collection to get you started but make sure to check out the full collection for more inspo: 

Hand Beaded Huichol Necklace ($125)

Huichol Earrings ($89)

Leather and Embroidered Handbag ($125)

Hat with PomPom Trim ($64)

Fold Over Tassel Clutch ($98)

Tassel Earrings ($25)

What is your favorite way to step up your style game? We'd love to see your favorite outfits on Instagram. Tag us or use the #jackandlola on IG!

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