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If you read our previous post you'll know we've introduced new goods to our collection. Here are my favorites new and old to the J & L collection.

An oldie but a goodie. Made by Austin's very own Settle Ceramics, this wine carafe was made to sip your bubbly like the elegant badass you are. They're simple and classic but never something you can overlook. Invite your friends over and pour everyone a glass. 

This is another OG to the J & L collection. It's so spacious you'll be made the bearer of phones on your girls night out! Oh and the pom poms were made to be your dancing partner. This clutch just screams summer - fun, boho, colorful! It'll have everyone asking you where you got this gem. 

After a long week of caking on makeup and being surrounded by pollution it's nice to let your skin breath. Take it a step further and let this clay mask detoxify your skin.  It's natural and handmade with ingredients that will boost your glow. Who doesn't want to have that glow from within? 

Like everyone else I love candles. My favorite scent has to be the "Jack" scent, exclusive to J & L. It smells of tobacco and leather. It's not overwhelmingly masculine but seamlessly blends masculine and feminine scents. But who knows, you may be more of a Lola? You'll have to come in store to smell them for yourself. 

Not to mention the design of the ceramics are truly gorgeous and will add to your decor. 

It doesn't get more beach-y than this! Just imagine yourself laying out by the water sipping on a margarita. This straw hat is the perfect accessory to top off your outfit and keep the sun's harmful rays off your face. Get your sass on without having to say a single word. You'll be the epitome of #noshade. 

We also carry these hats in smaller sizes for little ones. If none of our designs meet your needs we'd be more than happy to have a hat customized for you. 

As always see you all Next Friday :) 

Tomorrow we're hosting a pop-up with Dulcis Milks & Evergreen Chai. Come out and support local businesses - 503 W. Mary St.

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