Spring Cleaning or Hoarding??

Spring cleaning or hiding stuff to buy more stuff?? Out of sight out of mind am I right? Call it what you want but Spring's warm weather usually calls for a refresher. It's time to fiinnnnaaalllly put up the holiday decor & thick blankets and add color & life back to your home in a non-overly-Easter kind of way.
1. Plop these pillows on your couch or bed & watch how easily they transition your space into the Spring season via the beautiful embroidery of greenery & birds. It adds the perfect touch of color your home needs.
2. Switch out your day to day bag to something more fun & vibrant while never compromising storage for all the "important stuff" you haul around. 
3. Brighten up a tablescape by adding greenery; this baby plant practically takes care of itself. 
4. If the responsibility of having a minimal green is still too much for you to handle we've got an idea for you: create your own faux bouquet. No one has to know...we won't tell! 
5. If all else fails liven up your garden or outdoor area with this cute birdhouse for a welcoming touch. 

Are you a Spring Cleaner or a Hoarder?

Now that Spring's here what are you looking forward to the most? 

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