Sewing Pop-Up

Hi! We're having a Sewing DIY sesh Saturday here at the shop! Quick, easy & most importantly..painless. We would never put your fingers/hands at risk so Janet - a sewing extraordinaire - will be guiding us step by step the entire way! 
If you're over having to rummage through your purse for your valuables (think phone, ear buds & chargers!!!) then listen up! We're making wristlets for those days when you wanna carry less but never without your *holds breath* phone, charger, ear buds, cards, keys, & etc. Ha! Who are we kidding? You'll find a way to stuff it but the point is it'll be so much easier and faster. Who doesn't wanna read their texts without having to take their phone out of their bag? Wristlets for the win!
 You'll have the option of choosing from oil cloth, plastic or both and two different styles of handles, as seen below. All materials will be provided! 

Ready to get crafty?
See you then!

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