Real Talk

Jack & Lola is still a baby - only being open for a couple of months. We're still learning all there is about marketing, merchandising and our clients. What better way to learn than from other successful local businesswomen who've been there and done that?

We invited local businesswomen for an evening at Jack & Lola. Real Talk was everything a networking event isn't - fun, encouraging and inspiring. It’s no secret that business is scary and risky but there’s no reason to do it alone.We mingled about our own experiences, shared advice and shamelessly promoted ourselves. 

 We support local businesswomen. We support all female entrepreneurs. 

bon vivant austin Gaby O'Hearn

If you're interested in being part of real talk, hosting a pop up or being a maker for Jack & Lola contact us!

Amazing Photo creds go to Desiree Rose of Elkk Photography.

If you're looking for yummy drinks to get your party started Austin Cocktails is the way to go. 

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Come by Jack & Lola - 503 W. Mary St. to pick up your summer essentials.

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