Our Fundamental Belief

Jack & Lola will always be a safe place for everyone. Our diversity is the glue that holds me, and this little shop, together. Our makers come from all backgrounds and life experiences and I am lucky enough to call them friends. We are proud to be an “everyone friendly” establishment today, tomorrow, and every day after that. We are built on the idea that without you, every YOU, this world and everything in it would be a dull, colorless and undesirable place.

Jack & Lola, and I personally, refuse to be associated with any idea that counters those unalienable rights that we are all entitled to; Every One. If you promote violence against another, harassment of someone who is different than you, or a belief that women aren’t equal to men, I kindly invite you to spend your money elsewhere. My voice may be small, my following not immense, but I will do everything I can to stand up against a rhetoric of racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia and outright bullying. There is no room for that. Not here. Not anywhere. But especially not here.

“Integrity is our only true currency.” - Sophie Theallet

A woman, minority, small business owner, an outright hard working human being , a sister, a daughter, an aunt to many of tomorrow’s future leaders and a believer in the power of integrity and kindness.

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  • Katie

    Beautifully written, love this!

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