New Year, New Arrivals

Hi Friends! We hope you're all having a great start to the New Year! 
New Year, New You! 😉
 We started off the year by unpacking our suitcase with all the amazing gems we found while on holiday. What better way to get back into the swing of blogging than by showcasing all of our new goods!! 
Yup, we're running a whole zoo here. Check out all the other friendly animals we're housing. 
Winter or not. The sun takes no breaks. Slather on some SPF and try a hat for extra protection. 
Lion not included but beach-y vibes are. 
Valentine's or Galentine's day, whichever you celebrate, is coming up soon. We see a killer red lippie wearing well with these. 
Liven up your grown up bag by carrying one of these fun coin purses! 
Meet the coin purse's big sister! 
The new year is still young so who said you had to stop cheers-ing?
We can't stop staring!
You just have to feel the leather on this one! You have to!
We've made it to the end. Stay connected to get sneak peeks of new goods coming in!
Sending you all lots of love!

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