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Meet Amanda the lead designer and maker of Two Tickets. You may recognize Two Tickets from the beautiful one of a kind bags & accessories Amanda creates! Her pieces are truly "uncommonly cool handbags" sure to set you apart from the crowd. So of course we were super excited when she agreed to answer a few of our questions. Get to know more about Amanda and Two Tickets. Explore Two Tickets online or in store or come by Feb. 11 as we'll be hosting her for a Valentine's Day pop-up ❤️


1. What inspired you to create your own line of bags and accessories?

Handbags found me unexpectedly, through a back door. I had graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Textiles. But I had learned how to sew from my mother at an early age, it was pretty much in my blood to sew. After 2 years with a small fashion house in NY,  I started making bags on the side, as a way to play with pattern, texture, and color but in a functional and wearable way. I wanted to create fashionable and functional art. I started making bags for myself and as gifts for friends. It really took off from there.

Two Tickets studio
2. Why the name Two Tickets?
I am big music lover. Elliott Smith has always been a favorite artist of mine. He had a song with a line about Two Tickets, and I just loved the alliteration of the words and the idea of, destinations, trips and adventures. I think handbags are a lot about that idea. Where are you going? Who are you going with? 
3. Where do you find inspiration for each collection?
Inspiration comes in many forms, I often let the materials really talk to me. I also love to take inspiration from strong women in music, art history museums, mid century furniture, and Sci-Fi movies.
4. What are your personal favorites from the line?
My favorites are:
This chain bag was inspired by Stevie Nicks. It's a little daring without being over the top with all those chains dripping off.
and my gold eye clutch, because I find gold and black to be such a classic combination, I have never tired of.
5. Do you take requests for customizations for products?
I am always thrilled to work with customers on custom bags. I find the collaborative process very exciting. It helps me to refine my products and spark new ideas for designs, as well as to make improvements to existing ones.
6. What can we expect from Two Tickets in the future?
I have plans to expand my brass jewelry collection and create more one-of-a-kind bags. For Spring/ Summer I am also playing with more pastels colors and being influenced by the renewed interest in Memphis Milano design from the 80's.
I will be having a Pop Up market in the Downtown Austin West Elm on Feb 18th, and a 2 day show March 18th-19th at Art for the People Gallery as part of SXSW.
Thanks Amanda!
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20% of sales of this weekend are going to Planned Parenthood :) 

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