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At Jack & Lola we like to refer to the amazing artists who's work we stock as our makers. One of those makers is timmietom aka Tim Medler. He's the maker of the most handsome teddies, bracelets and bow ties all made by repurposing old materials. We had a quick sit down with Tim for an in-depth look at timmietom. 

1. What inspired you to create your brand timmietom?

One year I was short on cash for Christmas, so I decided to use my talents and make each of my 22 nieces and nephews a teddy bear. That's where the timmietom bear started. 

2. What's the meaning behind the name timmietom and the logo?

Well timmietom is easy. It's my name (Timothy Thomas)! My nanny (grandmother) always spelled it with an "i.e." The English woman she was, that's the proper way to do it. The "2 squared" comes from the two "t" in my name. 

3. You're all about recycling and reusing when it comes to the making of your products. Can you tells us more about why that is so central to your brand?

Growing up, I came from a family that never threw things away. Because of this, I see new value in things that other people don't. I enjoy giving them a new life. 

4. Tell us about your latest collection.

I wanted to create pieces that were a little less serious and a little more whimsical. You can see this in the playful mixing of patterns in my new bow ties and pocket squares. These are truly one of a kind and a piece of art that you can wear.

5. What is your favorite thing to make? Favorite product of the new collection?

My favorite piece to make is my bears. That is what launched timmietom. The shark swim trunks are my favorite new product though! What little boy doesn't want to wear these?  



Come check out timmietom's latest collection this Saturday - June 18th in store - 503 W. Mary St. 

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