In the Spotlight: Ferro & Fawn

In honor of our pop-up tomorrow we spoke to Kristen and got to know more about her jewelry line Ferro & Fawn. She runs her own Etsy shop but we're bringing Kristen and her gems to Jack & Lola! Stunning jewelry handmade using natural and vintage materials. Meet Ferro & Fawn's Kristen!

1.     Where did the name Ferro & Fawn come from?

Ferro & Fawn is meant to be a beautiful contradiction! I have always been drawn to the delicate and whimsical and in contrast the edgy and bold. The word "Ferro" is the second part of my last name and comes from the Italian word meaning "Iron". It is the part of me that loves the city, chaos and the avant-garde. "Ferro" is for my father who is the most driven, supportive and generous man I know. I am proud to share his name and also his drive and determination. In contrast, the word "Fawn" refers to a young female deer, which I like to think is my spirit animal. "Fawn" is the piece of me that loves imagination, whimsy and is often overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of anything beautiful. "Fawn" possesses the qualities that I associate with my mother. She is a classic beauty and lover of romance, she has taught me to love, care and feel fully every day. I wanted to build something with a name that was as important to me as my parents are, they have been the light in my life and have always supported everything that I do. I wanted a name that would always remind me to do what makes them as proud to be my parents as I am to be their daughter! 


2.     How long have you been making jewelry? What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made?

The first piece of Jewelry I think I ever made were these daisy seed bead bracelets with my friend Sara in my parents living room when I was about 12. We made bundles of them in so many different colors, and then probably gave them to all of our friends! The first pieces of metal jewelry I ever made was in 2008 when I studied abroad in Florence for a semester in college. I was studying fashion and had an extra elective to use, so I signed up for Jewelry Making 1 with this amazing Italian professor named Federico. He was so talented, encouraging and had the best accent! He taught us to solder, saw, pierce, hammer, anneal and carve wax for lost wax casting. It was amazing and I fell in love with the process of making jewelry. My favorite piece from that class was a sterling silver rose ring made with lost wax casting. I still have it!

3.     Where do you find inspiration when creating a new piece/collection?

I usually find inspiration in the materials and then the shapes and design take form organically. Sourcing the materials, or finding new gems stones is always so inspiring. Creating jewelry for me is a much more free-flowing process than creating apparel. When I design a garment it takes sketching, planning, measuring, drafting, pattern making, creating a mock-up and then comes the final garment. Jewelry for me, it just kind of happens, I try to let go of all the stresses and anxieties and just let whatever wants to happen, happen! I just let myself create and then I tweak and refine the designs from there. 

4.     What’s the most meaningful piece of jewelry you own?  

My Great Grandma Rand's black onyx, diamond, and gold scarab ring. My grandmother, Nancy used to wear it on her pinky because the size of it was so tiny. My Grammy was often ill when I was little and when I would go to her house to spend time with her I used to sit with her on her bed and try on all of her costume jewelry and rings. She had the most elegant and classic style. When she passed away my family let me have some of the inexpensive costume jewelry and my mother inherited the onyx ring. I wanted it for as long as I could remember. A few years ago, my mother had it resized for me and gifted it to me, I was completely overwhelmed with excitement. I also have a beautiful pearl ring of my Grammy's that I love, and a silver ring that my Aunt Cindy gave me for my high school graduation. 

5.     What are your favorite pieces from your collection?  What is your go-to jewelry piece(necklaces, earrings, etc.)? 

Ooh! I am definitely more of a necklace person. I'd have to say the Horizontal Crystal Necklace, the Black Tourmaline and Gold Necklace the White Howlite and 3/4 Circle Necklace and the Crystal Quartz Collar Statement necklace.

6.     What is your favorite material to work with?

Brass and crystals are definitely my go to's. I also love to work with copper, you can create some really fun patina's and textures, but it can tarnish quickly. I prefer to work with stones and crystals that are neutral in color, you won't see too many colors in the Ferro & Fawn collection and when you do they are usually in the neutrals family! 

7.     What can we expect from Ferro & Fawn in the future?

I hope that by next year that Ferro & Fawn will be more than just jewelry. I am working to expand into a very small line of children's (specifically toddler girls apparel) that still resonates with Ferro & Fawn as a brand by early 2017! Keep an eye out! I'd also love to incorporate rings more consistently into the collection next year too. 



Come check out Ferro & Fawn tomorrow at the shop from 2-6! If you can't make it make sure to head over to her etsy :)

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