Holiday Decor

There's people who love Christmas then there's those who put up their Christmas tree mid-October. This post is for the latter and us feeding the fire. Don't worry we've also gone a little Christmas crazy. We've got two of our own trees put up in the store filled with ornaments for you to come pick off like apples. Here's a few closeups and some of my favs!
Woven Ornaments ($9) 
Heart Glass Ornaments - Small ($8) Medium ($10) Large ($12)
Globe Glass Ornaments - Large ($12) Extra Large ($15)

Now that the cold is finally paying us a visit I'm kind of glad it doesn't snow here. I can barely handle low 40's so I'd definitely freeze if the temperature went any lower. But I can't deny snow complements the lights we put up, the fancy garlands, and makes the winter even more picturesque. Since we're in Texas I'm 99.99% positive we won't be getting any snowfall this year that doesn't mean we can't have a snowy effect of our own.

Laser Cut Snowflake Decor ($25) 

 Hanging Snowflake Decorations

Lasercut Large Snowflake ($25) // Small Snowflake ($15)

We're no trail of lights but you should come feel the Christmas vibes we got going on in the store. We're open today until 8 pm. 

What's your favorite part of the Holidays?  


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