By the hairpiece

The next 3 days of our history will be telling. They’ll see some highs. They’ll see more than a few really low lows but they’ll also witness the power of a group of individuals starting a new kind of revolution. Many people – including dear friends of mine – thought that a ticket to Washington DC bought in September would see the inauguration of Hillary Clinton.

After Nov. 8th - and the shock of undoubtedly the biggest upset in history – the lids of hopeful eyes everywhere shuttered. Utter disbelief. Deep sadness. And the loss of hope.

For those who chose not to cancel your tickets, or rallied to drive tens of hours to DC together not for the inauguration on Jan. 20th but for the Women’s March on DC Jan 21st, I rally behind you. I won’t be on the East Coast on Jan 21st but I will be marching besides the nation’s largest capital building. In a red State filled with Austin blueberries. Alongside friends, future friends, and individuals I will likely go through life without ever meeting. Hand-in-hand, tear-filled eyes, reflecting on the power of peaceful protests and a simple step. One foot in front of the other.

I’ve heard several businesses in Austin and beyond are donating their proceeds from sales made on Jan 20th to several women and minority organizations. I join them in this effort and pledge to donate 20% of proceeds from sales made on Jan 20th and Jan 21st to Planned Parenthood. That being said, I ask for your patience and your online shopping prowess as I will close the brick and mortar shop for a few hours on Saturday to be at the march. I know you understand and I hope you join me in grabbing the new president by the hairpiece.

Peace. Love. And Kindness.


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