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After a long hard week at work its nice to pamper yourself. A facial, mani pedi, and a hair treatment. It's all it takes to feel as good as new or at least look it. Fortunately we got you covered on the facial. The Luzy Rose Brightening Mask is great to detoxify your pores from all the gunk trapped in your pores and let them breathe. 

Here's how you can customize this mask to give you the results you want and suit your skin's needs the best:

Who says you need to apply it all over your face? Use it on your troubled areas only if it can be too drying for you. For me it's my nose, jaws and cheeks. Or spot treat any zits. 

You don't have to resort to water, amp it up with other liquids. 

If you're like me and have drier skin try rose water to mix in with the powder. 

Honey, aloe vera gel, aloe juice or avocado oil can also be thrown into the mix for a more hydrating mask. Get the perfect consistency by adding water. 

To soothe your skin add some oatmeal or yogurt (plain). 

Acne? Add some tea tree oil - it should only be 3-4 drops. You can also try using a charcoal and peppermint soap to cleanse. 

This mask also makes for the perfect gentle exfoliator. You're skin won't be irritated because the powder is so finely milled. No harsh granules here. 



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