A letter to you, tired small business owner - Don't Give Up.

Friends, family, strangers, and soon to be friends:  

Lately, more than ever, I have been reading about so many local stores in Austin closing shop and it’s heartbreaking. Retail is NOT EASY and a lot of times it can be the cause of sleepless nights and so much anxiety just wondering how you’re going to keep your little dream alive. I know it. I feel it far too often.

I am lucky enough to share my storefront, and my anxieties with another business who has been through it all and survived. I have a friend/mentor/sounding board that helps me keep it all in perspective and brainstorm alternate ways of getting things done. We’re partners and rely on each other – a relationship not easily formed or found in retail. The hustle is so real ya’ll. I have been on the edge of closing more than once but I have a team of friends and family behind me pushing me to keep going.

Now, more than ever, we need to stick together. Entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Girlboss to Girlboss. Guyboss to Guyboss (thanks Evan!) Hustler to hustler baby. It’s time to lift each other up instead of celebrate the end of another “competitor.”

This is my ask to you: if you know someone who is a maker, a small business owner, trying to get by; support them. If you have to buy a gift anyway, buy from them (assuming you like their product.) If people ask you your suggestions, send them our way. It’s taken me a LONG time to put this into words because it always feels like I’m begging for help but it’s not. I’m asking for your support for not only me, but for all of the small business owners out there just trying to make it in a world of big box stores and billionaires. It’s hard. Really fucking hard (there’s that F word you all have been waiting for – special thanks to Boston for my sailor’s mouth.)

If you’re still reading, thank you, now comes the good stuff.

I have an opportunity for a local maker to get some brick and mortar experience in my shop this summer. I am looking to "rent" out a portion of my storefront to someone without the associated lease and rental payments. The caveat, the maker must donate some work hours in the shop in exchange for the space. It’s about giving each other opportunities that aren’t always easily accessible as small business owners. Let’s work together to make both of our businesses, and stories, a success.

If you or someone you know is interested please shoot me a message at go@jackandlola.co and we can discuss the terms.

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P.S. the picture of Chico was just to catch your attention. Isn't he the cutest???

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